Kersaint Cobb Seagrass Basketweave Carpet

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£20.80 per pack
Brand Kersaint Cobb
Condition New
Width 4m


The pale green and yellow hues of our seagrass are a natural reflection of the Vietnamese landscape where it is grown and harvested. After reaching China it is spun and woven into the most natural flooring we offer. With a thin latex backing seagrass will live and breathe in your home, ageing beautifully as its colour tone changes throughout its life.

For even more freshness choose our fine seagrass products, the fibres of which are harvested when the plant is much younger providing a more intense green colour and a vivid way to bring the outside into your living space

Pile: 100% Seagrass Backing: Latex Width: 4m

Bought per metre.